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The 50 worst characters of all time

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1. Cain:

The first to commit a murder that occurred on the surface of the earth!

2. Al-Nimrod bin Canaan:

He was born in ur, he is the son of Cush, the son of Noah’s grandson, and he was one of the four kings of the world who were mentioned in the Qur’an and he was one of the disbelieving kings, and he was the first to put the crown on his head and tried on the earth and claimed deity, and his story was mentioned with the Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him. A huge number of mosquitoes, so it killed his armies and entered one ear, and he was restless until he was hit on his head with a shoe!

3. Quddar Bin Salaf:

He is a man from the (Thamud) tribe from the ancient inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula, and he was the one who led the infidels to slaughter the camel of Saleh (peace be upon him) as infidelity to God, so his punishment and his people was that they were crushed with a torment that the first and the others did not hear of!

4. The Samaritan:

A Jewish personality, and he was the first to alter and distort the monotheistic religion of the Jews and was mentioned in the Qur’an in Surat Taha, where he seduced the children of Israel after Moses went to God, so the Samaritan brought out a calf that had a mellow body, so he misled many of the children of Israel, and called upon him Moses!

5. Pharaoh:

He was born in 1303 BC. He is one of the rulers of Egypt. Is his name Ramses II different or not? But everyone agreed on his tyranny, which humanity has never witnessed, a contemporary of God’s prophet Moses, who died by drowning!

6. Zoroaster:

Born in 650 BC, Iranian philosopher and founder of Magus!

7. Buddha:

Born in 563 BC in India, he founded the Buddhist religion, which focuses on transcendence in morals and avoiding the occult, as Buddha mocked the idea of ​​God and believed in the doctrine of reincarnation!

8. Confucius:

Born in 551 BC, the founder of the Confucian religion in China, which is a religion that focuses on reality and neglects the occult!

9. Herod:

He was born in the year 73 BC. He was the king of the Jews, and he was the one who killed the Prophet Yahya, peace be upon him!

10. The Shuol of Tarsusi (Paul the Apostle):

This Jew was born in the year 6 CE and was a contemporary of Christ Jesus son of Mary, peace be upon him, and this Jew managed to distort the Christian religion from monotheism to what we see today from the multi-gods Christianity!

11. Vocius:

He was born in Rome in the year 130 AD, the founder of the Greek Orthodox community!

12. Nestorius:

He was born in 386 AD, the Patriarch of Constantine, and he was the one who established the Catholics!

13. Amr bin Lahi Al-Khuzaie:

The leader of Mecca in his time and its sole master, his orders were like the constitution for the Arabs, and he was the first to change the religion of the Arabs from the Hanifites religion of Ibrahim and Ishmael to paganism, where he introduced idols to be worshiped without God in the Arabian Peninsula, the Messenger of God said (I saw Amr bin Lahi dragging his cane into the fire) I mean Gut!

14. Abu Jahl:

He is Amr ibn Hisham bin al-Mughira, born in 572 CE, he was one of the masters of Quraysh and was one of the fiercest opponents of the Prophet and his nickname is Abu Jahl or Pharaoh of the Ummah, and he was the first to kill a Muslim!

15. Abu Lahab:

His name is Abd al-Izzi ibn Abd al-Muttalib, and he is the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad and his nickname is Abu Utbah. He died in 624 CE and his title was Abu Lahab for his grace and brightening of his face.
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16. Abdullah bin Abi bin Salool:

One of the personalities of Yathrib and one of the leaders of Khazraj

, He was the head of the hypocrites and the Messenger of God and the Muslims suffered from him for a long time and accused Aisha, the wife of the Prophet in her honor, God promised him implicitly in the Qur’an, he died in the year 631 AD

17. Abu Lu'lu`a al-Majusi:

He was born in the seventh century AD, and he was the one who killed Al-Faruq Omar bin Al-Khattab!

18. Abdullah bin Saba (Ibn Al-Sawda '):

He was born in the seventh century A.D., a Jew from Yemen, who sparked unrest and protests against Caliph Othman bin Affan, rousing the great sedition that reaped more than 80,000 companions, and he was the first to show stabbing and insulting among the Companions, especially Abu Bakr, Omar and Aisha, and he was the one who laid the foundations of the Rejectionist Doctrine. Duodenum!

19. Obaid Allah bin Ziyad

20. Shammar bin Dhi Al-Jushan

21. Al-Husayn Bin Numayr

These wretched people are the ones who killed Al-Hussein and opened the door to sedition, and gave the Rejectionists the excuse to the end of the world. The first was an order, the second incited, and the third was the one who carried out the killing!

22. Uday bin Musafir the Umayyad:

He was born in 1075 A.D. near the city of Baalbek in Lebanon and is considered the founder of the (Yazidi) sect that sanctifies Satan!

23. Arnold de Chanton:

He was born in 1125 AD in France and is known as (Arnat). He is a French knight who came with the campaign of Louis IX and stayed in the Kingdom of Jerusalem and became commander-in-chief of the Army of Jerusalem. He was distinguished by racism and intense hatred for everything that is Muslim. He used to kill Muslim prisoners, saying (call Muhammad to save you). Caravan routes and the sister of King Al-Nasir Salah Al-Din fell in his hand in one of the pilgrims' convoys, and Saladin's revenge was terrible in the battle of Hattin and his death was in his hand!

24. Genghis Khan:

He was born in the year 1165 A.D., this demon was able to unite the Mongols under his leadership and then directed them towards the outside world as the biggest disaster that afflicted mankind. They stormed cities and killed men, women and children. When they invaded Baghdad and overthrew the Abbasid state, they killed 1,800,000 of its people, and the gutter on the roofs of houses flowed with blood!

25. Hulagu:

A Mongolian ruler, born in 1217 AD, overthrew the Abbasid Caliphate and destroyed Baghdad, Aleppo, and many Islamic cities!

26. Thomas de Torremada:

A Spanish monk, born in 1420 AD, this criminal is the engineer of the Inquisition and he is the one who enacted its laws and methods of torture!

27. Monk Bilda:

This terrible monk lived a stage after the fall of Granada, and this criminal was extremely hateful to Muslims and among the leaders of the Inquisition and was opposed to the deportation of Muslims to Morocco, so that he demanded the killing of all Muslims or even those who became Christians, and he once attacked with his men on a convoy of Arabs immigrating to Morocco and it was The convoy numbered 140,000, including men, women and children, and 100,000 of them were killed

28. Machiavelli:

Born in 1469 AD, an Italian thinker, philosopher and politician, Machiavelli became the main character and founder of realistic political theorizing, which later became the backbone of political science studies and one of his most famous books ever (The Prince's Book)

There is no tyrant in history who has not guided the book The Prince written by Machiavelli!

29. Shah Ismail Al-Safawi:

Born in 1487 AD, the founder of the Safavid state in Iran

He is responsible for transforming Iran from a Sunni country to Rejectionist by force and after the genocide of the Sunnis!

30. Franco Hernandez:

A Spanish explorer, born in the year 1500 AD, was accompanying the Spanish expeditions to America, where he found American Indians wrapping tobacco (nicotine) and inhaling it, so he took this habit and transferred it to the world!

31. Evan IV:

He was born in 1530 AD, known as Ivan the Terrible and the first Tsar of Russia. This tsar occupied many of the Islamic republics, including Siberia, which was in the hands of the Muslim Mongols and transferred it to Russia and is still in the hands of the Russians today!
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32. Jefri Ihurst:

This British commander was on a visit to the Indians in 1710 AD with the aim of studying the possibility of colonizing parts of the south of the American continent, and the miserable received him warmly and gave him a lot of gold as gifts. It killed about 15 million Indians, the first biological warfare in history!

33. George Washington:

Born in 1732 AD, the first president of the United States between the years (1789-1797) waged destructive campaigns against American Indians in America and displaced and killed many of the indigenous people!

34. Napoleon Bonaparte:

Born in 1769 AD, this short shrewd French Emperor set off wars in all parts of the world, from Siberia to Spain to Egypt, passing through Levant!

35. Charles Darwin:

British geologist of Jewish origin, born in 1809 A.D., the author of the atheist theory that says of emergence and elevation, dropping the hypothesis of the Creator, and this theory spread the world and found heretics and atheists!

36. Alfred Nobel:

Born in 1833 A.D., a Swedish engineer, inventor and chemist, he invented dynamite in 1867 and then recommended most of his fortune to the Nobel Prize that was named after him!

37. Arthur James Balfour:

A British politician, born in 1848 AD, assumed the premiership and worked as Minister of Foreign Affairs, and in November of 1917 he issued his famous promise to empower the Jews from Palestine and because of this promise, an entire people lived the bitterness of killing and displacement for more than 100 years!

38. Leopold:

He was born in 1835 AD, the second king of Belgium and ruled between (1865-1909). He led the first European efforts to develop the Congo River Basin region, which created the conditions for the formation of the Congo Free State in 1885.

This king killed 10 million of his division during his rule!

39. Lawrence of Arabia:

His name is Thomas Edward Lawrence, born in 1888 A.D., a British intelligence officer famous for his role in assisting the Arab forces during the Arab revolution in 1916 against the Ottoman Empire by his involvement in the life of Arab revolutionaries and was known at the time as Lawrence of the Arabs, he contributed to the ranks of Islamic unity by deceiving Arabs and calling for Arab nationalism killed by British intelligence When he wanted to publish his memoirs!

40. Karl Marx:

Born in 1818 AD, a German philosopher, economist, and politician, the owner of the Marxist theory, wrote the book Capital, which was the first to lay the foundations and principles of communism!

41. Lenin:

Born in 1870 AD, President of the Soviet Union in the period 1917-1924, and he was the one who transformed Marx's theory from paper into reality!

42. Stalin:

Born in 1878 A.D., the leader of the Soviet Union killed between 10 and 60 million people in order to establish atheist socialist principles!

His daughter (Siftlana) says about her father's last moments before his soul departed:

(His face seemed to get blackening and his quarrel with death was terrible, he was suffocating before our eyes, and in a moment before the end he suddenly opened his eyes, his gaze was frightening between madness and anger, and horror filled him, and suddenly what I did not understand until today happened without my ability to forget him when he raised his left hand As if he is dictating something to us from above, as if he curses us)

43. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk:

Born in 1881 AD, the founder of the modern republic of Turkey, this dusty wolf overthrew the caliphate of the Messenger of God and declared the state secularism and caused the dispersion of Muslims to this day!

44. Mussolini:

He was born in 1883 AD, ruler of Italy between 1922-1943 and he was one of the founders of the Italian fascist movement. Many countries of the Islamic world suffered from his colonial ambitions and the killing of hundreds of thousands of Muslims, especially in Libya!

45. Adolf Hitler:

Born in 1889AD, a German Nazi politician, born in Austria and the founder of the Nazi Party, ruled Germany between 1933-1945, and because of his ambitions, he lit the fuse of World War II in 1938 CE, which claimed 50 million people and gave the justification for the rise of Israel!

46. ​​Harry Truman:

Born in 1884 AD, he is the 33rd President of the United States of America. He ordered the dropping of the nuclear bomb in 1945 on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where hundreds of thousands were killed and maimed!

47. Khomeini:

An Iranian cleric and politician, born in 1902 and died 1989, he ruled Iran from (1979-1989) overthrowing the Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi and enabled the Shiites in Iran to come to power and worked to export rejection to the rest of the Islamic world!

48. Slobodan Milosevic:

He was born in 1941 AD, he is the president of Serbia and Yugoslavia from the period between 1989 and 2000, he killed more than 200 thousand Muslims and displaced about 5 million!

49. George W. Bush:

He was born in 1946 AD, the forty-third president of the United States, and that from 2001 to 2009 he invaded Iraq and sparked wars against the Islamic world, and during his reign the term terrorism clearly appeared and was associated with Islam!

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